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In alignment with the aims and objectives of the Gujarat State Education Board, Shree Satya Vidyalaya has an interactive, learner-centered curriculum that is aimed to facilitate the complete and all-round development of students.

The entire Vidyalaya has four levels – the Premalaya (Kindergarten) and the Vidyalaya which is comprised of Primary, Secondary and Higher Secondary.


In Kindergarten, the emphasis is on Learning through Fun (Stories, Rhymes and Rote) and on development of physical dexterity through activities and games. It is two years of fun, excitement and learning within a happy, secure, caring and structured environment. Within this happy atmosphere, children are encouraged to participate fully in all activities.

Young children learn through Experience and therefore, play, exploration and experimentation form a fundamental part of their day. Each day follows a structured pattern of work, play, interaction, music, pre-numeracy and literacy skills and creativity. Particular attention is paid to enhancing cognitive abilities through Interactive Learning by the use of Smart Aids.

Each class has a well-qualified teacher, with Early Childhood Development being one of their specialist subjects.

The curriculum incorporates development of knowledge through experience and English and Language Development which enables children to think and express themselves.

Mathematical Development is emphasized through child-centred activities such as free play in block construction, sand and water play activities, as well as teacher-guided activities that focus on mathematical concepts such as counting, estimation, number concept development, space and shape, patterns, time and other emergent mathematics activities.

Our little ones in Kindergarten are also imparted Life Skills through Creative Arts, Physical Development and Music.

Each little and big person is an integral component of our school and together we make our school a place where people feel welcome and valued.

Primary School

From Grade One till Grade Eight, in Primary School, the academic process is completely learner-centered and emphasizes the uniqueness of the learner. Even as students are encouraged to learn concepts and skills through a variety of innovative pedagogical approaches and extensive use of ICT, the main focus is to develop self-belief.

Children are motivated to expand their horizons and stretch their imagination to achieve their full potential in order that they may develop the skills necessary for a competitive 21st century world. Therefore, the Vidyalaya schedule for students at the Primary level is a wonderful balance of Academic, Cultural and Sporting opportunities that adds to the creation of the whole individual.

High School

The school is affiliated to the Gujarat Secondary and Higher Secondary Board of Education which includes in its curriculum – Science, Social Science, Mathematics and languages – Hindi, Gujarati, English and Sanskrit.

At the Higher Secondary (+2) level, the Vidyalaya offers subjects in Science (Physics, Chemistry, Biology and/or Mathematics), Commerce (Business Organisation, Accountancy, Statistics, Economics and Secretarial Practice & Commercial Correspondence) and Humanities (History, Psychology, Sociology, Economics and English) leading up to specialization in any one of these streams at the end of the two-year course of study.

As teaching is learner-centered, learning takes place through discourses, lectures, illustrations, excursions and curricular activities. Computer-based pedagogy is used extensively to keep abreast with the challenges of modern day requirements. The Student-teacher ratio is ideal at 33:1.