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Welcome to Shree Satya Sai Vidyalaya!

Welcome to a world of learning where academic excellence is at the core of the educational philosophy. The Vidyalaya is a 37-year old, non-profit institution that promotes understanding and awareness through embracing other cultures and strives to develop well-rounded, responsible adults who are conscious of and caring about their environs. The Vidyalya inculcates in its students, the ethos of universal brotherhood and respect for all religions and cultures.

At the Vidyalaya, we believe that learners should be nurtured with compassion and kindness in order for them to emerge empowered with abilities and skills to be the leaders of a future world. The focus is on Learning for Life and extends to a wider curriculum experience rather than simply classroom learning.

The Vidyalaya is aligned with the Gujarat State Board of Education with regard to key learning areas. A wide variety of cultural activities and sports are also on offer with a view to enhance life skills. The curriculum encompasses academic and co-curricular activities to encourage active participation, foster teamwork, groom leaders and infuse a feeling of camaraderie. These activities range from cultural programmes and literary activities to environment conservation, heritage awareness and community development. The activities are aimed to help foster endurance, imagination, leadership and resolve all the while endeavouring to provide the security and guidance necessary for children to achieve their potential in a friendly, supportive and academically rigorous atmosphere.

Over the past three decades, Shree Satya Sai Vidyalaya has aspired to continuously improve the quality of education it provides by consistently redefining the wide range of learning experiences for its students.